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A Paris-born photographer, Pierre Venant was educated in France, where he was exposed to photography from an early age.  His father, a portrait photographer born in 1892, taught him both the artistic and chemical techniques in use in the early part of the 20th century.
Venant began his career as a war photographer in Algeria, then worked as a staff photographer on Paris’s largest daily newspaper, France Soir.  After moving to the United States and becoming an American citizen, he worked as a staff photographer for W, Women’s Wear Daily and Men’s Wear Magazine at Fairchild Publications.

Venant created his own business as an advertising and publicity photographer in New York,  specializing in fashion and people. His clients included Pierre Cardin, Givenchy, The Fashion Bureau, Publicis, Monsanto and Ogilvy... His work has appeared in numerous U.S. and international publications including The New York Times Men's Wear Magazine, Playboy International and Travel & Leisure...

In addition to his work, Venant created the photography program for Long Island University, introducing the first course in holography in the country.  He taught lighting in photography at UCLA, and while in Los Angeles, created a rare portfolio of portraits of Latino gang members. While working with a Jesuit priest in the most dangerous neighborhood of the barrio, Venant created photography courses in a special school for gangs, winning their confidence and teaching them an alternative to violence through the profession of photography.  A retrospective of his work was held in Paris, receiving critical reviews in the French national media.

At present, Venant is working toward an artistic expression close to painting where the magic of silver gelatin prints harmonizes with the image.  

Pierre Venant divides his time between Paris and the United States. He is married to Elizabeth Venant, a journalist and writer.
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